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The T5 & T8 LED tube lights is a perfect replacement products for existing tube lamps with energy saving of 75% to 85% over traditional fluorescent tubes. not only is this product more energy efficient but is also environmentally friendly containing no mercury or other harmful materials, perfect for commercial and residential lighting. 


  • 2100 lm for T5 & T8 tube, 2 times brighter then traditional tube lights.
  • Over 50,000 hours life span.
  • Free saving for less electricity bill .
  • Special circuit design to ensuring each LED to work independently, if one broken doesn’t influence on others.
  •   Rapid start, steady work, no noise,easy to installation.
  • Made with HYSKA LED to ensure stable quality.


  • Office lighting.
  • Corridor & hall lighting.
  • Interior design uses & Retail store displays.
  • General outdoor signage back lighting.
  • Task lighting & under cabinets.
  • Manufacturing & assembly work stations.