LED Bulbs


This led light bulb supports the traditional B22 base, this convenient for consumer to replace the traditional incandescent for  bulb with the led light bulb.


Compare to the traditional incandescent bulb [60w] this led light bulb [9w] use much less electricity. by using the led lamp, the overall power consumption can be lower.the LED light bulb does not have infra-red ray and ultraviolet ray wave length. hence it is not harmful to the human health. LED light bulb will generate less carbon foot print than the traditional incandescent bulb. it does not contain mercury, hence can reduce environmental pollution.

  • Aluminum die-casting heat sink, effectively dissipate the heat generated by the LED extend the lamp life span.
  • Equipped with power factor calibrate function , avoid unnecessary waste of power. 
  • Easily to bend into any shape.Energy saving longer life.
  • led bulbs available

input:  3w/5w/7w/9w/12w/15w/20w/30w/50w

voltage :AC 130v-270v/50Hz

Base :B22

  • CRI :upto 85% Energy saving