Focus Lights


It is an extremely flexible & versatile LED solution that ensure an excellent quality of light, targeted where is required, at the same time allows to decrease the hot spot & improve the light distribution on to the higher position of building facade. 


Flood light LED meet  verity of lighting needs across three different applications architectural, areas lighting & signage.

Optical Assembly : Hermetically sealed providing IP 65 & 66.

Great Light Uniformity : Thanks to the advance LED optical systems the fixture maximize the utilization of light on to the target area, improving the uniformity of light.

Choice of optics : The flood light LED offers  a choice office different optical versions, all of them with a mix-um system consumption of 100w.

Illuminating face in the vertical plane of the signs.

Color Temperature :LED Flood light provide a range of color temperatures from 3000,4000,5000&6000 kelvin helping to enhance a balding’s exterior.

Zero  maintenance at 50,000 hours